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Aztec - White Sapote - 5kg

Aztec - White Sapote - 5kg

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Description: The Casimiroa or white sapote as it is also known is native to the Mexican highlands and Central America. It is a pleasurable tasting fruit reminiscent of vanilla custard mixed with creamy banana and peaches. Although often called a white sapote it is not a member of the sapote family. The yellowy-green skinned fruit has white flesh and is used primarily as a dessert fruit. Casimiroa trees fruit prolifically and a healthy mature tree can produce 1000 fruit per year. They are also long lived and can crop for 100 years or more. Fruits should be picked when they are just beginning to soften and change colour from green to yellow, if picked too soon they are astringent.

Names: White Sapote, Aztec Fruit

Grown by: Aztec Valley

Region: WA

Weight: 5kg Gross +

Delivery: QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC* - please note we have the right to cancel and refund your order if we don’t believe it will arrive in good condition. Some places in rural Australia can be difficult to deliver which is out of our control. We will contact you and discuss. If the customer confirms in writing they will take responsibility for any damages we are happy to organise.

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