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Exotic Fruit Box

Exotic Fruit Box

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Get ready to be taken on a fruit safari!
We want this box to excite you weekly.
It will contain a range of seasonal exotic and exciting fruits available at the time. We are targeting fruits which are in season, rare, colourful and / or delicious and be in their prime.

Please note the box may contain imported fruit from time to time. At this moment will not be able to pick and choose items to your desire however if it grows in popularity we will certainly look into it. 

Due to fruit being a range of weight and sizes weight may different however it will be packed full in a manner that will not cause damage to the fruits in our signature “Blossom” brand box which is 11 litres in volume.

You will see you can purchase up to 4 weeks of exotic fruit, meaning you'll receive a exotic fruit box each week for the next 4 weeks! Savings of upto $50!

If you have any questions about it please reach out to our team.

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