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Mango R2E2 - 10kg Bulk

Mango R2E2 - 10kg Bulk

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Description: One of the biggest, chunkiest mango out there! R2E2s taste great but a lot of growers have a habit of picking them early to get better money. If they are picked too early they don’t smell of taste good. Then customers like you dont want to buy them and don't bother eating them anymore…its sad for growers that do the right thing. If you do purchase R2E2 from us we will make sure they are full mature so you have the best eating experience possible!

Names: R2E2

Grown by:

Region: Bowen, Queensland, Australia

Packaging: TRAYS

Weight: 10kg

Delivery: QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC* - please note we have the right to cancel and refund your order if we don’t believe it will arrive in good condition. Some places in rural Australia can be difficult to deliver which is out of our control. We will contact you and discuss. If the customer confirms in writing they will take responsibility for any damages we are happy to organise.

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